How to Sell Your Music on iTunes

  • Posted by: Media Famous

Media Famous makes it super easy to put your album, EP or single on Apple Music and the iTunes store. Start making money with your music by following these quick & easy steps:

  1. You Upload Your Music to Media Famous
    It’s quick and easy to upload your tracks, artwork, and release information to Media Famous. In addition to Apple Music and iTunes, you can sell your music on over 150 additional stores and streaming partners. You can even add optional pre-orders for iTunes and Google Play.

  2. Media Famous Sends Your Music to iTunes
    Media Famous will rush to publish your release to the most popular stores and streaming services across the world. We help you sell your songs more rapidly than any other service. The faster your songs are live in Apple Music, the sooner you’ll get playlisted and streamed.

  3. You Get Paid
    Every time your music gets streamed on Apple Music, every time your music is purchased on iTunes, you make money. We put your royalties into your Media Famous account – and we never keep a percentage of your sales. You keep 100% of your hard-earned royalties.


Author: Media Famous