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Auto Pilot Marketing Service

From: $59.99 / month

Let Media Famous grab the wheel and help you steer your music career in the right direction with our Auto Pilot Marketing services.  Our managed marketing package is a monthly service that promotes your music in a wide variety of places while you concentrate on mastering your artistic craft. The Auto Pilot Marketing service is all guided by the many years of music industry experience from our Media Famous team. Choose from our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum packages.

Digital Billboard Campaign


Promote your music with brilliant, bright, larger-than-life digital billboards in some of America’s biggest markets. (No Refunds On Services)

DJ Power Pack


Order today to let Media Famous help YOU develop & distribute a DJ promo power pack. We take that pack and service it to hundreds of DJs around the globe. (No Refunds On Services)

Music Biz Email Blast


Promote your music to 50,000+ music industry executives, DJs, producers, blogs, tastemakers & more. (No Refunds On Services)

Playlist Promotion


Media Famous can help get you onto some of the world’s hottest streaming playlists on Spotify and other streaming services. (No Refunds On Services)

Power Moves Bundle


Get all the services we offer at a powerful discount!  The Power Moves bundle is only for those artists who are serious about stepping their game up. (No Refunds On Services)

Social Media Blitz


Getting people introduced to your music is the #1 challenge for any up & coming artist.  And social media is where people are at.  Media Famous can help get you in front of thousands of new listeners via our social media campaign that we now offer. (No Refunds On Services)

Tik-Tok Takeover


Order today to let Media Famous help YOU become Tik-Tok famous!  Get more exposure for your song or Tik-Tok video with this supercharged package. (No Refunds On Services)