Via Spotify for Artists, Spotify offers the possibility to bring one of your tracks to be brought to the attention of the compilers of their official playlists. How does it work? – You have claimed your Spotify profile via Spotify for Artists. – Once we have delivered your release to Spotify, you will see it back in your Spotify for Artists dashboard within one or two business days under the “upcoming” releases. – You can only register tracks that have not yet appeared on Spotify. Once the release is “live”, you can no longer register it for possible placement on Spotify playlists. So make sure there is enough time between the moment of upload and the actual release date. – You choose the number that you want to bring to the attention of the Spotify editors and you enter all the details. Spotify asks, among other things, for the language of your song, the most important instruments and the “mood” of your track. You also have the option of adding additional information about the content of the song and about your promotional plans. Spotify does not guarantee that your number will actually be placed on one or more playlists.